Mix the colour that you really want – every time

from the inventor of the “Split Primary System”

The Scugog Council for the Arts is pleased to be able to present Michael Wilcox for a one-day seminar on Saturday July 19, at the Scugog Public Memorial Library, Rotary Room  from 10:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Michael Wilcox is the author of “Blue & Yellow Don’t Make Green” among others and Head of the School of Colour. He is visiting from England to present this seminar on colour mixing and use. This seminar will be of interests to artists, craft-workers, designers, interior decorators and all who use colour in their work or leisure.

The aim of the seminar will be to impart a full understanding of all aspects of colour mixing. The basics of colour harmony and contrast will also be covered as will the selection of suitable materials and their uses. Topics will include the mixing of greens, the colours of shadows, mixing greys, employing the colours of nature, paints, pigments, additives and making full use of the complementaries in all forms of work.

For more information and to register for this seminar please go to the School of Colour website.

For attending this seminar you will receive $43 worth of product to take home. Don’t delay. If you have any questions please call Eveline at 905-982-2121.

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