To enter the 2023 Annual Juried Show, read carefully over the rules and fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page.


 1: Entry fee is $30. You may enter up to two pieces with one entry.  You can only enter using our Annual Juried Show entry form on the Scugog Arts website. You do not need to fill out two separate forms for each piece – you can upload both images within the form. Do not fill out multiple forms and pay more than once in order enter more than two pieces. Be prepared to provide good quality, high resolution images of your work. We only accept JPEG and HEIC file extensions.

 2: All work must be original and produced by the artist. Do not enter a copy of another artwork or anything produced under instruction (in a class). We will not accept work that has shown previously in our gallery.

 3: Artwork entered in the Annual Juried Show must be priced with intention for sale. Do not enter an artwork you do not wish to sell. Do not list your work as “not for sale” in your entry form – it will not be counted as an entry. Scugog Arts takes a commission of 30%.


Only entrants who have been accepted into the show will be contacted. We will reach you by email by July 16th ,  2023 to notify you of your acceptance.

 DISPLAY CONDITIONS:  Accepted work must be labelled on the back with your name, contact information, name of piece, and price. All work must be suitably framed and ready to hang or display. Work for wall-hanging must have D-Rings and wire installed at the back of the piece. 

 Wall-work should not exceed 36″ (3ft) in width. If your work requires a special stand for display, we appreciate it if you can supply your own. We will not accept work that has shown previously in our gallery.

 DELIVERY AND PICKUP: Artwork must be delivered to Scugog Arts at 175B Queen St. on August 1st  or 2nd  between 11am-5pm.

 Artists must pick up their work on September 5th or 6th between 11am and 5pm.

For any further inquiries or concerns, reach out to



Entry for the Annual Juried Show 2023 is now closed.

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