The Voice of Arts – Themed Literary Contest

The word Ekphrasis translates to “description” in Greek and ekphrastic writing describes or is inspired by a work of art. The Voice of Art Literary Contest for 2020 offers 4 pieces of visual art from its Annual Juried Show as inspiration for the contest entries.

Works for inspiration

Using the link below, see the art work you are to use for inspiration. Chair Series 11, oil painting by Charles Choi. The Boss, photography by Jennifer Burrows. Pizza Box, lino print by Erin Le Page. Misty Morning, oil painting by Lorelei Lapp

Fiction, Poetry & Creative Non-Fiction

Scugog Arts returns with three categories, Fiction, Poetry and Creative Non-fiction. We are accepting short fiction stories and creative non-fiction of up to 2,500 words and poems of up to 40 lines.

 Youth 12-20 & Adults 21+

Enter in one of two age groups, either Youth 12-20 or Adult 21+. Each entrant can enter 1-3 pieces of writing. There are Poetry and Fiction categories for Youth and the added category of Creative Non-Fiction for Adults.

The cost to enter is $20 for adults and $15 for youth.

$2,500 in Cash Prizes!

Youth and Adult Poetry: 1st Prize: $300 2nd Prize: $150 3rd Prize: $50

Youth and Adult Fiction: 1st Prize: $300 2nd Prize: $150 3rd Prize: $50

Adult Creative Non-fiction: 1st Prize: $300 2nd Prize: $150 3rd Prize: $50

Contest opens January 2, 2020. Contest closes Friday April 17, 2020   

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