An Exhibition of Photographs. Friday January 4 to Saturday Jan 26, 2019. Opening Reception Sat. Jan 5, 1-3 pm. Lois Child is a Canadian photographer living in Whitby Ontario with her husband Richard.They spend part of each year in Ireland where he grew up. Now retired from The Hospital for Sick Children, Lois can devote more time to expressing herself through photography and exploring a new creative outlet through Acrylic Pouring. A lifelong interest in photography developed through scientific imaging and travel photography has been nurtured recently in the Oshawa Camera Club. Her work was accepted to the PRAC Juried Photography show in 2018 and has been available for sale at the Imagine That Gallery in Whitby. She has held two photography shows in her Whitby home which is a converted former Roman Catholic church where she does some of her own printing. Her prints are found in private collections in Calgary, Ontario and Ireland. Lois also shares some of her images through her website

Artist’s Statement

As a visitor to Ireland Lois is very aware of the quality of light that can change in moments and chase across the land or sea before your eyes. Something she can only describe as “Irish Light”. Privileged to return through the years and experience the many different areas of the island, which change in character in small distances but are always many shades of green, her photography attempts to capture or suggest the ephemeral nature of that light. The abundance of water lends itself to the creation of reflections in many surfaces, from dewdrops to the mighty rivers like the Shannon. Walking the Shannon Blueways, the beaches of the North and South, the streets of Dublin, or paddling in kayaks, water gives back a vision enhanced by its surface and movement. Of particular fascination is the altered nature of the reflections of reeds and plants along the river banks and the perfect mirror of still moments. The shifting play of light and shadow on this ancient land and its modern life draws the viewer in.This collection of images are themselves a reflection of her discovery of the beauty and character of Ireland .

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