“Collage is an extremely versatile medium, just add imagination and cut!”

This month at the Scugog Arts Space embrace Paper Cuts, an exhibition that takes an in depth and fresh look at collage. This exhibit, presented by artist Elayne Windsor, will take viewers on a journey of color and texture.

 Elayne creates her pieces with found and purchased papers, on canvas or birch panel.

 “The papers spark personal memories for many people; like a memory map they are arranged to speak to the beauty of that which we discard and the beauty that still exists if we take the time to look.” — Elayne Windsor

Often mistaken for paintings, Elayne’s work uses various types of paper (maps, newspaper, gift wrap, sewing patterns, etc.) to create details and spark imagination.

 “Being non-objective, I am dealing with ideas that are just out of reach of memory. It is similar to poetry in that the words combine to become more than the total of any individual word. My Art does something similar, the elements and materials combine to become more than the sum of the [individual] parts.” — Elayne Windsor

Visit the Scugog Arts Space, 175 B Queen St, on Saturday, January 8th from 1 pm to 3 pm for the opening reception. The show will be at the arts space from January 8th to 30th. The current business hours are Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm and until 8 pm on Fridays.

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