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Studio Tour Event Coordinator

Employment Timeframe and Wage

Term:  Nov 1, 2021 – Feb 18, 2022

Hours/wk: 35       # of weeks: 16

Wage: $16.00/hr

Tasks & Responsibilities:

The Special Events Coordinator will have five main goals for our Lake Scugog Studio Tour event:

  1. create a revised vision and plan
  2. produce short videos and photo shoots for participating artists
  3. create and execute a marketing plan
  4. plan a ticketed pre-tour private program and
  5. create a tour book for print and digital use for the May 2022 event.

Job site is the Scugog Arts Space at 175B Queen St in Port Perry with some flexibility for work off site. This job is funded by Canada Summer Jobs and requires that employees are age 30 or younger. Scugog Arts requires that alll employees and volunteers are full vaccinated for Covid-19. 

Planning and organizing a cultural event that is vital to our township and region is an opportunity to work with people of all ages, and is an inspiring environment for youth looking to build skills to work in tourism and culture or to develop transferable skills in marketing, business, technology, non-profit and small business sectors. The 50 artists of this tour have been heavily affected by the cancellation of this tour in 2020 and 2021 and will need help with revitalization. The Coordinator tasks include organizing with a team of artists to brainstorm and plan the sites and the private ticketed pre-tour event. The program plans will include the concept for a revitalized tour after two years of cancelled tours due to COVID, an overview of all elements of the tour, marketing requirements, action plan with items, timing and responsibilities, and budget, all in the form of a project charter. The Coordinator will organize all participating artists, building on the event we’ve run for over 20 years yet cancelled for 2020 and 2021. Organize all ticketing systems for private tours. Create and execute a marketing plan for the events, including but not limited to press releases, website content development, our digital newsletter, media listings, social media postings, and paid media. Write artist stories, contract videographer and photographer to create content and if possible do video editing. Planning for the event must be done well in advance with volunteers organized and well informed about responsibilities. Business system documentation must be kept up to date.


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