Oct 16th – Nov 14th, 2021

“Time may stop, but nature keeps on growing.

Rusty cars and trucks left to nature who decorates and enfolds them back into living structures. The wonder and beauty of flowers, trees and wildlife.”

Come visit Scugog Arts Space to see the inspiring works of Anne Labelle-Johnson and Tony Johnson. Together they focus on the beauty of nature, regrowth, and colour and light. Opening October 16th to November 14th. 

Tony Johnson is a representational artist, working in acrylic and watercolour. He uses vivid colour and contrast of light against dark to take his works and mediums in new directions, exploring Earth, it’s regenerative properties and how we interact with it. 


Anne Labelle-Johnson captures a moment of beauty in nature so that it will last forever. Working in watercolour she tries to depict paintings that are colourful, full of life, and beauty. She sees hope for the future in the beauty of the natural world. 


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