Congratulations to Susan Whelehan, who placed 2nd in the Adult Poetry category.

Old Man Winters Soliloquy, written by Susan Whelehan, inspired by Arrival of Spring

It has come to this—

grey slush

smushed against curbs

mushed on city sidewalks…

I am all played out.

Only enough breath left

to whisper

Come, Sun.


Let colours take the stage.

I’ve heard lush life

humming below for weeks

preparing its scented ascent.

It soon shall rise as birds arrive

from southern skies in feathers

worthy of a Caribbean Carnival.

(Or so I’ve heard.)

Come, Birds. Season the air!

Warble your chorus for us

as you bring Spring—

sing reds and yellows into view

oranges, purples, pinks and blues, all hues.

Trill away the chill until


and everything

is Spring.

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