Tracy Pastic

Fibre Artist

“Different fabrics pieced together in harmony to make interesting shapes and tell different stories.”

Tracy started sewing with her mother who always made the ‘dreaded’ matching outfits for her and her siblings when they were young. Tracy’s mother showed her the basics of a sewing machine, and her knowledge grew in home-ec class at school where she started making my own clothes.

Working and being a domestic goddess with children sidelined Tracy’s sewing until she had some free time. Her mother-in-law — an awarded local quilter (the late Eleanor Pastic) introduced Tracy to quilting. She taught her the basics along with valuable shortcuts and shared her amazing talent for colour matching, machine quilting, and creativity in making pieces from pictures.

Over the years, Tracy has made wall hangings, bed quilts, and small gift pieces. Her latest work involved fighting COVID boredom. After making hundreds of masks for a local Port Perry volunteer group at the start of the pandemic, she found that she had a lot of scraps and strips leftover from her own projects and her mother-in-laws (Quilters throw away NOTHING).

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