Sherry Crawford

Painter and Creator

“My paintings come to me through ‘feelings’ and many times I never know what is about to appear on the canvas. I am very passionate about my Algonquin heritage and many of my Ceremonial Teachings come through in the images!”

Sherry Crawford is an established artist who grew up on the shores of Anderson Lake, and Paudash Lake near Bancroft, Ontario. Her Algonquin roots have had her picking up the pieces of her Anishinaabe Culture for over 20 years. Embracing spiritual and traditional teachings have brought honor and humility to her life and her art.

During a Shaking Tent Ceremony years ago, Sherry was given her Indigenous Ceremonial name; White Bear Standing. She is proud to connect with her inner spirit. You will notice how it presents itself in many of her pieces. She calls her business White Bear Standing Creative and is currently working on a brand new website.

Sherry is an active advisory committee member of the Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin Nation in Bancroft, Ontario. Sherry believes in the holistic approach to life, and strives to live by the 7 Grandfather Teachings. She is a peaceful advocate for Indigenous rights and strives to bring about positive change through her art, social work, and service.

Painting of a hummingbird by Sherry Crawford
Painting of a dragonfly by Sherry Crawford.
Painting of a polar bear by Sherry Crawford.
Painting of a magpie by Sherry Crawford.

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