Sarah Mann


Sarahs story is a long one.  She  grew up on a farm and spent most of her time training her horses.  Surrounded by the family business of excavation, Sarah spent summers running a shovel and eventually got her truck license.  After graduating Secondary School in Wingham, Ontario in 2010, Sarah attended fine art school with intentions of becoming a tattoo artist.  Instead of finishing, she moved out west to find herself.  Sarah has pushed boundaries and exceeded in the male dominated industry of Trucking.  2018 came with a lot of obstacles that Sarah had to endure, and has since been working on rebuilding herself.  Having previous knowledge in photography learned from a teacher in high school, Sarah realized this could be a new path for her to go along. Now attending the Photography program at Durham College, Sarah plans to keep pushing in this direction.
Photo of a Bison in the snow
Photo of person holding a camera in a red canoe on the water
Photo of an Alpaca in black and white

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