Saba Syed

Painter, Printer, Writer & Film Producer

My work often evokes the issues of our times. It is a form of activism with a desire to move towards a more compassionate view of all humanity. I like to use pops of colour, whimsy and playful materials to promote joy in hand and valuing, ‘the other’.

Born in Winnipeg and raised in Saskatchewan, I learned to appreciate the landscape and slower life pace in small towns. Moving at the age of nine to North York and a few years later to Markham, I was deeply moved and appreciated the diversity of people I was exposed to.

The beauty of this earth and multiculturalism/diversity are essential proponents of my art. In my recent virtual show, “The Future is Translucent,” I incorporate these values and also wish to convey the importance of holding on to perseverance and hope in turbulent times.

I am currently interested in abstract art and will be pursuing a Masters in Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design at OCAD University. I dream of connecting with various artists to learn from, exchange ideas and combine skills. I wish to use art to empower people to value themselves and others through the lens of humanity.

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