Rebecca Fortin

Visual Artist

“My artistic practice is about creating beauty and cultivating softness in collaboration with nature. I pay deep attention to the natural world with a sense of curiosity and openness, allowing myself to be receptive to the support that the landscape provides. Dabbling between abstraction and representation, my artwork is a gentle yet raw communication between myself and nature — viewing art creation as a conduit to express mutual honesty, affection and appreciation.”

Rebecca Fortin is a Canadian-born visual artist residing in rural Whitby (Ashburn), Ontario. Influenced by her childhood growing up on farms in southwestern Ontario (Stratford, Wellesley, and Wingham) — she seeks to foster a deep connection between people, plants and nature through drawing, painting, photography and other creative processes. A current focus is creating botanical castings: positive-relief wall frescos using botanicals pressed in wet clay and set with plaster. 

Her studio is located on 6-acres of environmentally sensitive lands situated in the Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine. Fortin creates living art by growing herbs and botanicals, many that are used as natural pigments or incorporated into her artwork directly. She is also rehabilitating forested areas on her property by planting indigenous and endangered plants, flowers and trees.  

After a 20-year career in Public Health, Rebecca Fortin is enjoying a second career working full-time as a professional artist and spending as much time, as is possible, outdoors in nature and with plants. She recently graduated from the Drawing & Painting program at the Haliburton School of Art + Design (2022). Fortin’s work has been shown in a variety of locations across Ontario and are held in private collections. Selected exhibitions include: the Latcham Art Centre’s 2023 Annual Juried Exhibition (Stouffville, Ontario) and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery’s 2014 RMG Exposed – Juried Photography Auction (Oshawa, Ontario). At RMG Exposed, her photograph, Foggiest Notion, was awarded one of the top 10 auction finalists. 

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