Nicole Wilmot


“I hope to continue to express my creativity through art, in order to inspire passion in others. I find inspiration in nature and wildlife which grounds me to the earth and I love the joy my art brings to others.” — Nicole Wilmot

Nicole Wilmot is a multifaceted artist hailing from a world renowned creative family. Her love of the arts guided her towards the subjects of writing, visual arts  and performing arts in high school: areas that her media mogul grandparents and musician uncle nurtured and broadened through exposure to a diverse array of art, music, film, radio, television and journalism. She spent a lot of time at the family beach house surrounded by various forms of writing, music, fine art and sculpture, mixed with the constant sound of reggae, jazz and ocean waves. After moving to Canada in 1990 to explore her roots, she spent time raising a family of three boys before going back to art in 2018.

Nicole’s portfolio is expansive and also includes photography, abstract portraits, treasured pets, nature, landscapes, still life and in acrylics. Nicole Does memorial pet portraits. With the exploration into photography, it has opened a world of wildlife access to inspire many paintings of birds and other wildlife

Nicole has a “give-back” incentive where she paints police dogs across Canada that have passed away in retirement or on duty and has been featured in blogs (Neds Wish), newspaper articles (InDurham News) and television news reports (Chat News Alberta)

Station Gallery – Drawing For Art (Since 2021)
2 Gallery Shows – Linkes Local Arts, Stayner Ont
City of Pickering, Banner Program
Album Cover – Toronto Jazz Singer, Faith Amour

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