Nicole Shepherd

Abstract Painter

My process always starts with an intention; a feeling or story that I wants to express in movements and colour. I move between bold, bright and energetic colours to softer, more mellow tones. I feel as though my artwork has no set theme as I want people to look at my artwork and feel freedom, happiness and to bring a sense of energy into their spaces.

I have been honing my skills in abstract art since 2007. I took my first art class at only 13 years old and discovered painting was my passion. I graduated from Fanshawe College (London, ON.) with a diploma in Graphic Design, which I blended together with my love of painting, invoking a perfect combination of playfulness, boldness and creativity. My style is constantly evolving as I am always experimenting and looking for new ways of creating. I am interested in what paint can do, making marks that expressively respond to my thoughts and actions.

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