Mike Latimer


I take inspiration from so many sources, but hearing and writing about the human condition always stirs me the most. This broad theme is central in my music as I write about the emotional struggle that comes with relationships and finding our place in the world. I enjoy the most hearing from people I’ve never met before who tell me they were moved deeply by my music.

Latimer draws from life experiences and observations of the world to create music that is deeply meaningful to himeself and  hopes that it reaches others on that same level. There are themes of struggle, internal conflict, and deliberation, but also hope and perseverance.

Born in Port Perry, Mike Latimer lived in a farmhouse in Greenbank. He was raised in Oshawa by a single father. In the early 90s there was a recession and Latimer and his family experienced homelessness and poverty throughout that decade. Having overcome this adversity gives him a strong sense of gratitude and is the reason why hope and perseverance is so important to him and his music.

Mike along with his wife and kids are happy to call Port Perry their home and love the gracious, down-to-earth Scugog community! It inspires Mike and his family to continue to create our art and give back to the community.

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