Martha Schissler


Martha found solace and release in watercolour painting during the pandemic. Although she has always been creative and tried many media (ceramics, jewelry, knitting, acrylic) in her life, she has always been drawn to the fluidity and lightness of watercolour. 
As a biology teacher her favourite subjects are nature-landscapes, birds, animals and recently discovered florals. “I love how the imperfections in florals allow for more free flow creativity and less need to be “perfect”. For animals the proportions must be a little more exact.” 
She is voracious for new material and is constantly looking for inspiration in her travels, drives and walks in the great outdoors. Her paintings are diverse from quiet, serene mountain or seascapes to loud, bright cartoon caricatures of her favourite animals. 
Born and raised on a farm in Durham region, you can find her at local shows and markets when she isn’t in the classroom! 

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