Painting of a girl in a red dress by Lynne Rempel.

Lynne Rempel


“Lynne Rempel’s still life paintings celebrate ‘the every day’.”

Lynne Rempel’s love for painting began at an early age and, now retired, she feels very fortunate to devote more time and energy to her passion. Rempel is drawn to Impressionism and continues to push herself to incorporate looser brush strokes. Rempel paints mainly in oils and occasionally experiments with other mediums. Additionally, she has been an active member of local art clubs wherever she has resided and has attained recognition in Manitoba, Ontario, and more recently in the Gateway International Competition. Rempel uses her own photos for reference only and does not replicate the image.

Painting of morning light hitting a lake by Lynne Rempel.
Painting of perfume bottles reflecting in a mirrored table by Lynne Rempel.
Painting of the Muskokas by Lynne Rempel.

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