Lori Korkola


“My process begins with hiking nearby trails with a sketchbook at hand and a camera in my pocket. Once home I work up small thumbnails focusing on design and value before beginning the painting that I hope will capture a bit of the scenery that moved me.”

Lori Korkola comes from a creative family and has always had a pencil in hand for drawing. Lori grew up in northwestern Ontario, its landscape inspires and moves her. She looks for scenery that creates a response in me and hints at her northern background. She spends time early in her process creating thumbnail sketches, which allows her to confidently begin the painting process with a good idea of composition and colour plan. Lori loves contrast and colour, and that interest can be seen in her paintings.

Lori holds an Honours BFA from U of T and is trained to be a secondary school art teacher at UBC. Currently, Lori teaches visual arts at a high school in Whitby, Ontario. A major accomplishment for Lori came the year she turned 50 when she challenged herself to complete 50 paintings over the course of the year.

Lori is a Resident Artist at the Scugog Art Space. You can always find her work here at 175B Queen Street Port Perry!

Painting of trees with pink and green leaves
Painting of a fall scene. Brown and yellow grass and bare trees
Painting of trees with bright green leaven in a forest

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