Lois Giles

Wood Worker

“I create wood sculptures with recycled and interesting wood on my bandsaw. I work in a process of finding the potential of what the wood can create, and hope that the viewer can relate and enjoy the vision before them.”

Lois Giles has worked in Education with many wonderful students. She was very inspired by the accomplishments in the woodworking classroom. During the pandemic, Lois went down to her basement and taught herself the skills needed to control the bandsaw. She has never had any lessons but is filled with such joy and contentment alone in her art. Lois hopes to be found in galleries so everyone can be open to the untouched talent that they possess as well. Lois wishes to succeed in her efforts with wood. 

Lois is a Resident Artist at the Scugog Art Space. You can always find her work here at 175B Queen Street Port Perry!

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