Kate MacPherson

Fibre Artist & Writer

“Using traditional techniques I create modern pieces designed to tell stories and bring characters to life.”

Kate MacPherson is a self-taught fibre artist, who has been crocheting for six years. In that time her love of different fibres has grown, as she creates her pieces with a variety of plant and animal based fibres. With a strong passion for crochet, Kate also enjoys knitting and dyeing her own yarn and is fascinated by all fibre arts. She is a recent graduate at the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Rhetoric. Kate also has a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber’s School of Writers, and she is currently enrolled in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Durham College.

Kate’s love for crochet comes from her grandmother and great grandmother, and she uses it as a mode of storytelling. When she’s not playing with yarn, you can find me with a good book and a large cup of tea.

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