Jordan Clements

Stone Carver

“Using traditional techniques, Jordan’s work ranges from figurative sculpture, imaginative realism, to classical architectural stone ornamentation.”

Springing from the inspiration he found in historical architecture as he worked as a certified stonemason, the path of stone carving and stone cutting was a natural progression for Jordan. Gripped with intrigue from geometrical construcions, gothic motifs, and the human figure rendered in stone, he has delved into many facets that modern sculpture offers. Reinterpreting ancient architectural patterns and decoration, Jordan applies his craft to the expression of the sculptor, placing emphasis on traditional technique. His studio is in Port Perry, Ontario.

Clay sculpture by Jordan Clements.
Indiana Limestone sculpture by Jordan Clements.
Sandstone sculpture by Jordan Clements.
Indiana Limestone   sculpture of Hand Gripping a Block by Jordan Clements.
Marmora Marble sculpture with skull by Jordan Clements.
Berea Sandstone by Jordan Clements.

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