Jesse Wheelock

Sculptor, Textile Artist, & Painter, Writer

“I think of my artwork as an extension of my own self discovery and expression. Often dealing with sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, human nature, and exploring the realms of fantasy and escapism, my work tends to look inward. I am a multidisciplinary artist with a variety of mediums in my practice. My 2-dimensional work is messy and dark, my sculptural work is whimsical and stems from dark fantasy, and my textile work along with my written work is intricate, with historical and fantastical inspiration. I have struggled in the past to find a common denominator between my three practices. The unifying characteristic is often fantasy based; I grew up reading the Tales of the Brothers Grimm and indulging in escapism and story-telling. I carry these influences into all my forms of art.

My own journey as a gay and transgender man have shaped a lot of my recent works, which delve into the histories of queer people across the world. My literature work and textile work are both subject to extensive processes and research. I consider both mediums to be more intensive, whereas I find my painting and two-dimensional work is much more free-spirited.

I have recently combined all my practices into one form, and started my own LARP (live action role play) group. With my newest project I have been able to flex all of my creative muscles; writing plotlines and stories, sewing intricate costumes, designing artwork for the organization, and making props.” — Jesse Wheelock

Jesse graduated from Queen’s University in 2017 with a BFA and has since been growing his creativity through methodical dedication and patience.

Jesse accepted his first contract with Scugog Arts in 2020 and has been building a portfolio of work in the arts community through volunteering, event coordination, and other projects throughout Durham.
He started his own larp with a group of veteran larpers in 2023 and worked hard with them to create an accessible, imaginative, and thrilling world for our players to explore.

Jesse plans on continuing his work as a coordinator in the arts community, and to expand their own body of works, both in visual arts and in literature.

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