Jayshree Mina Daya

Visual Artist

“I am a highly creative and multi talented with recognized talent in art related projects. I have extensive knowledge and passion in dealing with children and adults. I empathize on learning about diversity, tolerance and world cultures through the arts!”

 Jayshree Mina Daya has nurtured a lifelong love of creative expression through painting and design. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, her art incorporates imagery of the nature and wildlife that she grew up surrounded by. Her love of beauty combined with her formal training from a Fine Art College in Mumbai, India, to create work that is fuelled by passion and steadied by technique.

Jayshree Mina has been painting for more than 30 years. Her creative style is constantly evolving as she enjoys experimenting and painting freely but finds herself inexorably returning to the medium of acrylic and watercolour painting. She worked as an art teacher in a Montessori School in Pickering, Ontario.  She is passionate about art education and believes strongly in teaching both children and adults the skills that can enable them to draw and paint realistically. Mina chose to become a teacher because she wanted to work with people, especially young people. Her artistic pursuits have branched into fashion design, children’s art and crafts, and embroidery and batiks.

Mina’s background and diverse experience have blended seamlessly on programs facilitating countless art projects. Nature and music are her main sources of inspiration. Most of her art relates back to nature and it is very rare that she makes something without listening to music. She continues to seek opportunities to learn and collaborate with other artists. 

Experience and Involvement: 
Retired Art and crafts teacher at a local Montessori School in Pickering. 
Volunteered with arts and crafts at the Artfest, Pickering. 
Organized and participated in many kids’ art camps and after-school art programmes. 
Actively involved in the recycling programme at a Pickering school.
Organizer and Instructor at Paint Night parties.
Instructor with the Autistic society in Durham region.
Art Instructor at a senior retirement home.
Successfully participated in various public art shows around Toronto.

*Jayshree is a member at Ajax Creative Club, PineRidge Art Council, Art Guild of Scarborough, Scarborough Arts, and Scugog Art Council

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