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Jacquie grew up on a small farm in Uxbridge, Ontario. As a teenager, her first experiences with printmaking were through night classes at Whitby’s Station Gallery. After studying Fine Art at the universities of Windsor and Guelph, she went on to work as a French Immersion elementary school teacher but found she had little time left for her own artwork. Jacquie rekindled her passion for printmaking when she returned to Station Gallery in 2014 as an employee, and while living in The Netherlands 2017-19, finding constant inspiration in adventures in nature, cultural experiences, and urban explorations while traveling, Jacquie solidified her focus on printmaking as her medium of choice. Making space in her life for art again makes Jacquie feel whole and like the most fully alive version of herself. When she’s making art, she’s living her best life, and Jacquie’s dream is to one day be able to print full-time.

With her prints, she strives to show appreciation for the little things – the small details that surround us but often go unnoticed. Jacquie’s hope is that through expression of her own awe and gratitude she may inspire others to slow down, connect with themselves, and more fully appreciate the world around them too. She loves printmaking because of the physicality of the process, and relief printmaking (linocut and letterpress) in particular because of the inherent visual texture, graphic quality of the image, and the ability to use it as a vehicle for infusing art into the everyday. The materials required are also more environmentally-friendly and easy to manage in her small home studio.

When not printing, Jacquie loves nothing better than a good road- or canoe-trip with her husband, full of camping and hiking in the great outdoors. Because of her love for the natural world, she is committed to using printing and shipping materials that have as little environmental impact as possible; Jacquie strives to reduce, reuse, recycle – and compost! – as much as she can.


A linocut print
A finished print
Jacquie at work in her studio

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