Jacquie at work in her studio

Jacquie Sullivan


Jacquie Sullivan creates original handmade linocut, woodcut and letterpress prints inspired by nature, culture and language.  With her prints, she strives to bring attention to the little things that often go unnoticed and to cultivate appreciation for the beauty in the details. 

Since childhood, Jacquie has always been an observer, quietly watching, listening, reading, and noticing things that others tend to miss.  Studying and making art has taught Jacquie how to look at the way her surroundings are constructed – to see the lines, shapes, colours, and textures found in both natural and urban environments – and she also spends a lot of time reflecting on her feelings and experience of what it is to be alive in this world.

At her foundation Jacquie is an Introvert, a Highly Sensitive Person, a Gold/Type A personality – she used to think of these labels as weaknesses, but as an artist she is now uncovering the strength in these traits and has found healing in creating mementos of feelings, moments and words that have touched her.  Through her art Jacquie savours and shares with others the experiences that fill her with awe and gratitude, and reasons to feel hopeful.  Creating her work fills a need in herself, and what a wonderful by-product that it can also give others reason to pause, allowing them to more fully appreciate the world within and around them too.

Jacquie says she is drawn to printmaking as a medium for her creative expression because:

“I love the physicality of the process – it requires all of my attention and forces me to stay present, challenging and stimulating me with constant problem-solving and learning.”

Jacquie is primarily focused on relief printmaking, for which she carves away what she doesn’t  want to be printed or purposefully sets by hand only the text she chooses to appear.  The careful, handmade process of composing, carving, and printing multiples from a raised surface requires a strong attention to detail for which Jacquie is naturally adept.  

“I have a deep appreciation for what my hands can accomplish, and when they get inky I feel productive and that I have found my purpose.” – Jacquie Sullivan 

A linocut print
Photo of 8 tea towels hung up on a wooden rack
Photo of 8 tea towels hung up on a wooden rack
A linocut print

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