Jacqueline Proud

Painter & Woodworker

My artwork reflects great memories that evoke a sense of joy. I enjoy a style that allows me to push the boundaries of colours, composition and especially shadows.”

My name is Jacqueline Kimberly Morin. I’m an Artist, currently living in Irondale, Ontario. I approach each year as a new journey! Exploring the concepts of colour, acrylics, painting styles, sketching and woodworking, in a way that can lead me to find my artistic style and be the best artist that I can be.

I paint using acrylic and have enjoyed using masonite boards and paddles as my canvas. Its firm surface allows me to explore different techniques. Fortunately, I’m patient, crafty and curious, so you can expect to see all kinds of tools and projects in my studio. One day, I might be painting and the next day I might be building something! The more I explore, the more my mind flows with ideas. I create what catches my eye and makes me smile.

My motto: To create beautiful things that bring back great memories and evoke a sense of joy!

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