H&A Christensen


“Stealing John Hancock” is a thriller with a Port Perry setting. John “JP” Hancock suddenly finds himself the unwitting victim of an identity theft that has Detective Nya Grey hot on his heels for multi-million-dollar real estate fraud he didn’t commit.

H&A Christensen are a mother-daughter writing duo based in Port Perry and Uxbridge. They discovered their affinity for working together when they were in-house writers for a film production company. They have now made the leap from silver screen to printed page. Stealing John Hancock, is their first novel.

Alie had wanted to write a novel since she was a kid, but took some curious turns getting there. After law school and a stint living in a log cabin in the wilderness, she began a career as a corporate, advertising, magazine, newspaper, and speech writer, including writing supplements for The Globe and Mail. From there she transitioned to screenwriting and now to novels, the form she originally dreamed of working in.

Hejsa’s first published article was on the Eco-Challenge adventure race she did in Fiji around 20 years ago. She has since published articles about trekking the Amazon, crossing the Atlantic on a yacht (once in a hurricane), competing around the world in taekwondo, and other adventures. She has published stories in literary magazines in Canada, and abroad. She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Geography and an MFA in creative writing from UBC, where she won the Random House/Hazlitt Award for creative writing.

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