Elayne Windsor

Collage Artist

“My collages explore connections and relationships; one element to the next, one idea to the next, man’s relationship to earth’s resources, the relationship between events in our lives, the relationship of thought to product, the relationship between life events, the relationship between artist and viewer….. Relations and connections form the foundation of our lives.”

Elayne Windsor was an elementary school teacher for 30 years. During her teaching career, she found that her Art background provided her with many essential teaching tools such as resiliency, perseverance, creative thinking, and problem solving. Elayne continued to nurture her artistry to support her teaching career, attending classes and workshops.

As Elayne approached retirement, and spurred on by friends, she began to entertain the idea of sharing her Art with a larger audience. Elayne began to show her Art in 2015, making the move to her second career in 2016.

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