Painting of a horse by Delvea Tuff.

Delvea Tuff


“I paint what moves me, mainly horses followed by wildlife, flowers, and birds of all kinds. Sometimes I see them in color pencil, paint, pastels, and sometimes graphite brings out the energy I see in the subject.

Delvea Tuff is a self-taught artist, residing in the inspiring Kawartha Lakes countryside. Tuff has been painting and drawing most of her life and has met some of the most talented people in Port Perry and Kawartha. Tuff works in her beautiful home studio that her husband built.  This is where she creates and displays her work. Tuff is a member of the Port Perry Artists Association (PPAA). The PPAA hosts two shows per year showcasing the groups’ varied styles and talents. Although this year has proven a challenge the group hopes to get back to physical shows in 2021.

Drawing of a cougar by Delvea Tuff, titled Cougars.
Painting of a horse by Delvea Tuff, titled Bonds.
Painting of a horse by Delvea Tuff, titled Paint Me Pretty.

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