Dea Azzopardi


As an abstract painter, I find creating texture through mark-making is what inspires me the most. Using printmaking techniques, scratching through paint, revealing hidden layers, and exploring the expressive application of acrylic media, is what nurtures my soul. I just play, experiment, scribble, splatter, scrape, push and pull until I feel the painting is balanced and rhythmic. Painting abstract art allows me to explore how layers interact and respond to the marks, shapes, textures, and colours that evolve. Each painting is a unique result of this interactive play, completely intuitive, pure emotions expressed in movement.

I’m a self-taught artist and began my journey in early childhood painting realistic pet portraits, still life and landscapes. In 2018 I decided to explore expressive abstract painting and haven’t looked back. I work from my home studio in rural Pickering. I find inspiration in nature while hiking in the beautiful forests of Durham Region, or on long walks with my 3 crazy Boston terriers. Creating abstract work is a continual learning process, ever-evolving, each painting informing the next… and it feeds my soul.

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