David Clubine

Watercolour Painter

Watercolour artist David Clubine shares Ontario architecture in all its glory.

“I have enjoyed exploring a strong desire in painting watercolours of landscapes and heritage buildings in Ontario and beyond over the past 30 years.”

For David Clubine, the architecture in Ontario and beyond has provided a variety of century homes, farm buildings, railway stations and churches to paint, reflecting rural life from the past. Locally, Durham and York regions have been a source of inspirational subject matter with historical buildings and picturesque landscapes. David’s work is beautifully detailed and expertly framed. His studio is located west of Port Perry in Utica.

David is a Resident Artist at Scugog Arts, and as such you can always find a selection of his framed watercolours in our Scugog Arts Space and in our on-line shop. Our Resident Artists also include Pat Neal, Dini Page, Alison Gauthier, Jeremy LePage, Gordon Reidt, Saundra Reiner, and Kirsty Naray. 

You can find David’s work in our online store at Shop Scugog Arts! You can shop on-line and we’ll arrange for pick up or delivery.

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