Cerra Howey


Cearra Howey’s love of cats has translated into a connection and deep understanding that is unmatched. Through her lens, she is able to capture the unseen side of cats and showcases the often-misunderstood personalities of these animals.

Cearra Howey is a Port Perry native and has always been a cat lover in her 25 years, but has always had an unmatched connection with cats. It wasn’t until Cearra’s Kitty Service blossomed that Howey realized that while she was sitting and training many different cats, she was able to capture their unique and misunderstood personalities. Howey strives to show the unseen side of cats through her lens. Through her chosen medium of photography, Howey is able to capture not only a cat’s image but its true essence.

More than just a snap shot of a cat Howey strives to build her artistic practice around capturing personalities and attributes unique to her feline subjects in the same way that many photographers approach human portriture.


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