Brenda Montgomery


“I create Healing Miskwaadesi’s (which is Ojibwa for painted turtle), I pour cement molds of three different size turtles, afterwards I sand the rough edges and paint whatever our creator motions me to paint. Afterward I smudge all pieces and say a prayer over them, so that which ever piece the person buying is attracted to, the ‘Healing Miskwassdesi’ can offer healing through the image painted, color or to the turtle it’s self.”

I started doing art when I was 7, at the age of 8 I drew ‘Binky’ from a contest ad in my mom’s Woman’s World magazine, in hopes to win $25.00 so I could buy my mom a birthday present. Instead I won a 10 year art scholarship to work under a man by the name of Charles Schulz in Toronto at the university. Due to my age my mother would not let me go to Ontario (I’m from Saskatchewan) and she could not go with me. Since then I have always been inspired by my First Nation culture and nature. So to pay tribute to Turtle Island and all it’s wonderful creatures I chose the turtle for it teaches us about patience, stability, grounding and our connection with earth.

I also make ‘Earth Dwellers’ and use the same process using cement molds. Because of my connection to earth I found these little guys to just be another part of me.

Currently I am focusing on my turtles and earth dwellers and looking forward to advance my skills in wood carving Tree Spirits.

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