Alison Gauthier

Fiber Artist

“As part of the ‘slow fashion’ movement I select natural & sustainable fibre from suppliers that support best practices in the fibre industry. These good choices and my background in fashion & knit design help me to create pieces that will last a lifetime. My inspiration comes from colour and the language it speaks; bright and Passionate, deep and Moody, or the surprising combinations of colour often found in nature.

Sometimes I take my cues from the artwork I see around me whether it is abstract, realism or something in between. I love playing with colour! Seeing what happens when one merges in with another is like watching magic happen!”

Cozy, comfortable, casual & Fabulous!

Creating wearable art, using a knitting machine like a weaver uses a loom, intertwining texture, style, silhouette and purpose to express joy, warmth & caring is like making a wearable hug!

Let your ethos guide you, be thoughtful, make good choices and most of all… be happy!

Find Alison works locally in the Scugog Art and Preston Gallery

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