Theatre on the Ridge 


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Theatre on the Ridge,  (formerly Theatre 3×60) was founded in 2013 by Joan Etienne and Carey Nicholson, and is a not-for-profit, professional, collaborative company in which committed artists can produce high quality work in a broader scope of theatre and storytelling in the Region of Durham. We provide programs/services to audiences, theatre practitioners and the communities of the Region of Durham.

Theatre on the Ridge is committed to increasing community access to theatre by bringing theatre to alternative venues, taking theatre to the audience  (ie. schools, community groups and events) and other such activities to support the creation of meaningful theatre experiences for the whole community.

We commit to telling our individual and collective stories through high calibre productions, the creation of new plays and the development of new artists. We tell these stories in live and digital formats and are adaptive and attentive to the impact of heritage and change. We increase accessibility to theatre and, through our stories, contribute to our community’s sense of well-being and connection.”


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