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Media:  all media (metals, woods, stone, fibreglass, glass, oils, acrylic, water color, textile, and more), sculptor and painter
SCA volunteer work: member of the Spark the Arts committee, Culture Days participant, crafted the SCA’s wood and metal business card holder
About Fran’s work:  Somewhat political and narrative in nature, Fran tries to make sense out of the world and its people, through her art. “I translate ideas that I’m passionate about into a language I can understand…. aesthetic principles and elements of design. For me, simplified shape, form, contrast and depth are my tools.  A hopeful “by product” of this process is the intrigue it may generate with another person.”
Fran was our first artist to have an outdoor sculpture installed on the lawn in from of the SCA Gallery and enjoyed a photo opp with Mayour Rowett this past November!
Next for Fran is a solo show in the Gallery opening February 2 and running until the 24th.  Fran will be leaving us for a move to the west coast in the spring so this is a must-see exhibit.
Contact Information:
website: www
phone:  cell: 905-903-4065


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