Colour and Sound as One Gallery Show

Scugog Arts presents Chas Burke: Colour and Sound as One, starting October 15th to November 13th. Colour and Sound as One features the vibrant and colorful work of Ajax-based artist Chas Burke.

“My exhibition will illustrate my own unique colour theory by illustrating how each tonal key has its own unique colour at ion. This is done by presenting for each key a diptych consisting of a “study” which presents the actual music notation of my own making as well as a method to allow singing of the colours directly from the painting. The second part is the use of those colours in an “abstract” painting. Additional paintings would illustrate a single colour/sound chord or a given key in a semi abstract fashion.”

As a professional artist and musician, Chas has come to see the relationship between the two disciplines. Paintings can be based on the harmonic structures and progressions of J.S. Bach: hue is pitch, chroma is volume, value is timbre, the medium is orchestration; the construct is a product of time, space and technique. His own unique colour theory is the common element of the style found throughout all the works.



Oct 15 2022


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Scugog Arts Space
175 B Queen St


Scugog Arts
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