Complete this form at least one week before your show.

Exhibition Inventory

Every exhibition in the Scugog Arts Gallery requires a list of the art, whether it is a solo, duo or group show. This form serves as an inventory list with prices and as the information list for producing labels. Each artist must fill out an individual form.
  • Type in the theme name of the exhibition. This applies to group shows and solo or duo shows. If you do not know the exact name of a group show, give us an idea ie "Member Group Show Oct 2019"
  • List every piece of art, click on the plus sign to add another item. If the plus sign does not show up on your screen, hover your curser to the right of "Price" column and click to add a row for another item. NOTE: Artist Name is only required if you are completing this form on behalf of a group show of many artists.
    Title of workMediumArtist NameSizeUnitsPrice 

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