Melissa Rada wears multiple hats, she is the Marketing and Special Events Manager for the Port Perry BIA, as well as the Arts Administration Manager at Scugog Arts*.

Melissa discusses how she first got involved with Scugog Arts and the various roles she has worked with the arts organization. Melissa describes what went into organizing the Mural Marathon and how she helped build up Culture Days in Scugog.

Melissa shares the differences and how she balances working with two community organizations, and how working with both has allowed her to build valuable connections within the business and arts community.

Melissa explains how the programs she took at Durham College provided the skills that she uses regularly on the job. Melissa also touches on her side hustle, Radar Digital Marketing, and upcoming projects.

*Note: Melissa’s titles have changed from recording to publishing of this episode.

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for making this podcast possible!

Learn more about the Port Perr BIA, here:

Learn more about Scugog Arts, here:

Learn more about Radar Digital Marketing, here:

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