Scugog Art Space, April 6 – 28, 2024, Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

Opening Reception Saturday, April 6, 1-3 pm

Exploring the complex relationship between struggle and beauty.

Cheryl’s intricate studio practice unfurls around foliage, gold embellishments, and imagery to create a counter-narrative of tenacity and the human condition; a reminder that we are seeds of brilliance that will thrive in the right climate and conditions.

Cheryl Rock was awarded the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair – Best in Show Two-Dimensional Works for two consecutive years (2019, 2020). She was awarded the Mayor’s Purchase Award in 2020. In 2023, Cheryl was awarded the Catherine Bratty Award for Best of Art Fair.

In “No Mud, No Lotus,” I explore the complex relationship between struggle and beauty, drawing inspiration from the enduring metaphor of the lotus emerging from the murky depths of a muddy environment.

Through my art, I delve into the transformative power of adversity, highlighting how overcoming challenges and hardships, and remembering who you are, serve as the fertile ground from which resilience and growth flourish.

Using a subtractive process, and a variety of media, I capture the essence of this metaphor, inviting viewers to contemplate their journeys of growth and self-discovery. Each piece reflects the complex interplay of darkness and light, chaos and harmony, inviting viewers to embrace the inherent beauty in life’s imperfections.

By showcasing the inherent beauty in life’s challenges, “No Mud, No Lotus” serves as a reminder that our healing and joy are essential, as we discover inner power, uncovering the extraordinary beauty and strength that lies within us all.

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