“New beginnings happen for a variety of reasons — sometimes we want a change and sometimes we need it. Other beginnings happen because life presents challenges or obstacles that we are forced to confront and overcome.”

This month at the Scugog Arts Space experience New Beginnings. Representing the work of Indigenous artists, this exhibit from Biidaaban Gallery will reveal that, “Our future lies with new generations. As they grow, they are faced with many new challenges that current and past generations have never seen before.”

Looking back at the past year, this insight carries considerable weight. The Biidaaban Gallery has established a national reputation for carrying a diverse selection of Indigenous arts and crafts with many tribal groups represented. The exhibit will feature work from multiple artists that work in various media from acrylic paint to soapstone.






The opening date is dependant on restrictions being lifted. The exhibition will be virtual until physical attendance is once again possible. See featured pieces on the Scugog Arts Facebook and Instagram throughout May. 

You can also see the pieces and become immersed in the artistry and stunning colors of authentic Indigenous arts by visiting the Scugog Arts Shop, here: https://www.shopscugogarts.ca/

Free delivery in Durham until in person shopping resumes.  


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