Leslie Beauchamp poses with one of her pieces.

Every day we are in a rush, a big hurry. This body of work is inspired by the places I’ve found en route to hiking trails and places to paint. Everyday beauty is around us and we often miss it. If only we’d slow down and take a look instead of rushing by on our individual routes.

Nature regularly reminds us of new beginnings, whether it be the changing of seasons or light dancing across objects throughout the day. Lori Korkola’s exhibition Along the Trail reveals the everyday beauty that we usually take for granted. The Canadian landscape of Lori’s youth inspired this body of work. Hiking trails near and far, watching the sunlight move through the trees and bounce off water has allowed Lori to explore her art further. Lori’s contemporary take on a traditional subject matter is a consistent process that involves aligning the theme and approach.

We often miss the small things in between the chaos life. Along the Trail is a reflection of the wonder Lori feels when exploring the natural world around us. Visit the Scugog Arts Space between March 27th and April 24th and discover the joy of everyday nature as Lori sees it.

About the Artist

Lori Korkola comes from an artistic family, which has allowed her to follow her creative passions. She has been drawing her entire life and holds an Honours BFA from U of T. Lori also trained to be a secondary school art teacher at UBC. Currently Lori, teaches visual arts at a high school in Whitby, Ontario. A major accomplishment for Lori came the year she turned 50 when she challenged herself to complete 50 paintings over the course of the year.

Shop Lori’s work online, here: https://www.shopscugogarts.ca/


Abstract Painting of Lake Superior in the winter by Leslie Beauchamp
Abstract painting of a sunrise over Lake Superior by Leslie Beauchamp.
Abstract painting of the thaw in the spring by Leslie Beauchamp.

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