Thirteen different artists present a delightful exhibit for our “aMUSing Faces and Figures” show in February 2016. Drop by the SCA Gallery Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to ponder and take in some exceptional art.


Feminine Expression closeup

…” the Goddess who honors her Body; the Sacred Temple of the Spirit of Life, with each inhale serving as a prayer of gratitude.

Creating sculptures from fabric and other organic materials I have a great interest in the female body, which comes in different shapes and form.” Anja Kooistra



Life's a Stage 1Life's a Stage 2Life's a Stage 3


“The figure always brings a narrative into play. This is an added bonus to all of the challenging lines and forms of the body.

But capturing that certain joie de vivre or likeness of that person, is probably the most exciting challenge.”  Fran Usher









“I have always found the faces of people to be fascinating to draw and paint. When you start doing portraits, you begin to look at faces differently… I feel that it is an honour to do a portrait, especially a child’s as it often is his or her first portrait. As I work, I am aware that this drawing or painting may become an important record of a person’s life.” Heather LaRue






“Portrait and figure drawing, and painting, offer the artist, a particular set of challenges, that of capturing a striking likeness, as well as offering some insight into the character of the subject, and perhaps, a piece of the soul. A tall order for a mere mortal.” Ronald Peter

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