The Scugog Council for the Arts announced the winners of the 2011 Community in the Arts Awards at the organization’s first Awards Night. The awards are presented annually and have been created by the SCA to honour those who have made outstanding contributions to the vibrancy of the arts community in Scugog. In addition to recognizing the awards recipients, the SCA has also acknowledged the wealth of local artistic talent by commissioning the 2011 presentation pieces from local artist, Leanne Ryan-Jordan.

Business for the Arts Award
This award recognizes a business that has shown an exemplary spirit of investment to the arts in Scugog.This year’s award has been presented to restaurant entrepreneur Sam Chiusolo and his restaurant, Salvatore’s Trattoria. Salvatore’s is becoming known for its entertainment featuring local musicians and improv evenings. The restaurant is a great example of local business recognizing the value of arts to increase business and create a dynamic community energy, drawing residents and visitors to downtown Port Perry.

Kent Farndale Patron of the Arts Award
In recognition of the overwhelming dedication to the arts shown by Kent Farndale, this award has been named in her honour and recognizes an individual who has shown an outstanding level of support to the arts in Scugog. This year’s award goes to Fran Herder, who has been a supporter of the arts both as an individual and as longstanding committee member of the Scugog Memorial Library Arts Committee and the Kent Farndale Bursary Committee, among others.

Artist for the Arts Award
The Artist for the Arts Award recognizes an individual artist who has shown significant support and involvement, not only in their own discipline but also in multiple areas of the arts throughout Scugog.Practising artist, educator, advocate and gallery owner, Bonnie Thomson has been recognized for her dedication to the arts and to the community. Bonnie is a founder of the Lake Scugog Spring Studio, past artistic director of the Renaissance Faire and is the artist, and one of the driving forces, behind the recent community arts project, Reflection Park, now one of the jewels of downtown Port Perry. Bonnie also teaches through the Ontario Arts Council and other arts education projects and is a partner of META4 Gallery.

New Artist in the Community
This award recognizes an artist who has newly established themselves in the community and has demonstrated a high level of support for the arts in Scugog within that time. The artist may literally be a new resident of Scugog, or be newly practicing art in ScugogNew Scugog resident, Jason Kozlowski, has quickly become a part of the local arts community, now showing his paintings and teaching classes at META4 Gallery and other area shows. Jason also has further connected to his new community by using local residents as the subjects of his work.

Young Artist in the Community
This award celebrates an outstanding young artist in any discipline and serves as a reminder that the potential and future of the arts will be realized by our youth. Karina Bray has been involved in the Scugog music and theatre community for almost a decade, performing in local musical theatre and community choirs. She has been the recipient of several area music awards. This past February, Karina presented her first solo concert in Port Perry and will be travelling on scholarship to Europe to continue her vocal studies.

Educator in the Arts
This award recognizes teachers and schools in the education system, who have demonstrated a commitment to and passion for the arts through their profession, making a significant cultural contribution to the school and general community.The Music Teachers of R.H. Cornish Public School have been recognized for consistently enriching and inspiring students through challenging and outstanding extracurricular programs and performance opportunities, such as musical theatre productions, primary violin club, drum ensemble, senior jazz and concert band, senior choir and many more.

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