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Scugog Arts is the integral leadership organization engaging people, organizations and government with resources and opportunities. Two of our strategic pillars are a thriving arts community and strong partnerships.  This is the place on our website where we present Community Projects as we strive to help arts organizations and groups fulfill their dreams. There are currently two Projects listed here and we plan to house an event poster board here too. 

Here are two current projects; Bill Lishman Memorial Project and Hoot for Hospice.

How Scugog Arts Can Support Your Community Arts Project

Our Board of Directors and volunteers offers a fabulous service for community organizations (be they formal or informal) that have a project that is a fundraiser. This service is for groups who are unincorporated, do not have charitable status or do not have the time or skills to run a fundraiser that meets all CRA rules.

Here are just some of the components we can provide:

  • advice on set up and planning from the perspective of CRA and charitable rules.
  • creating a budget that adheres to the CRA and accounting principles.
  • bookkeeping services for all donation money and participation fees, outgoing expenses and financial reports.
  • a page about your project on our website in our Community section, with links to your website and social pages if applicable.
  • the services of CanadaHelps where we list your project and where people go to make donations.
  • charitable receipts where applicable from either CanadaHelps for on-line donations or directly from Scugog Arts in the case of payments by cheque.
  • a bank account we have set up specifically for fundraisers with protocols that adhere to the trust account rules.
  • our Community Projects manual that outlines what the services are that we provide, and what you are required by law to do. For example how to handle participation fees that may include the cost of supplies and how we handle donation monies from the public for that project.
  • the services would be provided by members of our Board of Directors, all of whom are insured with Directors Liability insurance.
  • there are costs for bank fees and the fees of CanadaHelps all of which are well worth paying for.
  • there will be an Administration fee charged by Scugog Arts at a rate of 15% of income for our services. This covers the time, skill and value of your Arts Council, a charitable organization.
  • participating groups must be members of Scugog Arts and registered as an organization
Brand Development Services for Arts Organizations & Groups

Information coming soon.

Brand Development Services for Arts Organizations & Groups

information coming soon

Strategic Planning Services for Arts Organizations & Groups

Information coming soon.


We will be updating this content soon.

Bill Lishman Memorial Project

Read more about the Bill Lishman Memorial Project here!

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